République featured in Michelin Guide’s 5 American Apertifs To Try



Napa, CA

Napa winemaker Samantha Sheehan and her husband Michael started making wine aperitifs in 2015 with just one barrel of Seville orange. “The plan was to drink it ourselves and give it to friends, so we jokingly called it Mommenpop.” The same Northern California grapes Sheehan uses for her wines are fortified with Napa-made brandy; added flavor comes from assorted organic California citrus and a mix of botanicals like rose hips and calendula. Sheehan’s favorite is the Seville orange. “I love preserving seasonal flavors, and the Seville orange is only at its peak in California for a week or two. The Seville aperitif tastes and smells like liquid marmalade. My favorite way to drink it is over ice or in a reverse margarita. I would pair it with a triple cream and crackers, the honey note in the Seville is perfect with a rich cheese.”

Find it: At République in Hollywood, bar ops. director Shawn Lickliter uses Mommenpop ruby grapefruit as the base of the Papa Hemingway cocktail—”essentially a twist on a Hemingway Daiquiri with the aperitif taking the place of rum. The aperitifs have enough backbone to make that type of substitution fairly easy. They’re light and refreshing without being cloying. Perfect for LA since it’s essentially summer all year long.”