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Wildflour + Bakery

When there is no Walter and Margarita Manzke in sight at République, they might be down in the Philippines, attending to their other venture, Wildflour.    

So why the Philippines you might ask? Well, other than the fact that Margarita is from there,  “Manila is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, filled with economic disparities and infrastructure issues and an absolutely booming urban population, eager to stand side-by-side with the biggest cities in the world.”

“[Filipinos] are so connected to the internet,” Walter Manzke says from the private dining room at République in Los Angeles, where much of the wood and tile was imported straight from the Philippines. Moreso there than even here. Even for the poor, they know everything that’s going on in the world, and they want it more than anyone.” (via Eater LA).

So back to Wildflour.  If you can’t imagine it, picture a “République of sorts in Manila, complete with its long pastry counter and winding queue of eager diners. Even the Courier-font menu in Manila is a near-mirror image to the one you might be holding in Los Angeles, filled with dishes like shakshouka and a decadent croque madame.  It’s the sort of hearty late-morning weekend fare that’s well-known within L.A.’s prodigious brunch community, but might otherwise seem out of place in Southeast Asia.” (via Eater LA)

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Walter and Margarita  currently co-own four Wildflour restaurants across Manila, and are working on taking it overseas.  Additionally, they will be opening the famous Hollywood Pink’s Hot Dog (yes, the one with the crazy line), over in Manila as well.