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Tuesday Night Wines with République Wine Director

At République, we are thrilled to have a large selection of wines, but a large list can feel intimidating to some. Wine Director Sam Rethmeier created a section of our wine list called “Tuesday Night Wines”—the concept is based around drinking wine on most nights when Grand Cru or First Growth isn’t an option. So what do you drink on a Tuesday night? Everything we’ve selected is delicious, under $100 a bottle, affordable, and high quality. Get more insight on the list from Sam:

Why and when did you start the Tuesday Night Wine program?  I wanted to broaden the scope of what was offered at République and I put together a list of 2,100 selections, and the menu went from 1 to over 100 pages. I was really proud of it, but when I gave it to my wife to look at, the first words out of her mouth were “that’s intimidating.” Do I really expect guests to sift through every page? That’s when the Tuesday Night section was born; two pages of sparkling, white, rosé and red with nothing over $100.

What are some of the secrets to putting it together? Non-stop tasting. I really wanted to put together a list of wines I would drink. I wanted to be just as excited to help someone discover this incredible Bourgogne Rouge at $68 as I am when someone wants to drink Frédéric Mugnier for the first time. It’s a magical time in the world of wine; there are so many producers making incredible adventurous and classic wines.

How much is your Tuesday list related to specific dishes on the menu and how often does it change? I try to rotate producers on and off of the list, but the style or type of wine more or less stays the same. I’m way less tied to this idea that we have all the “right” pairings. When I eat at In-n-Out, I always drink a coke with my burger. It’s one of my favorite pairings and tied to my childhood memories. So I try to reflect that feeling with the Tuesday Night list and pick what people want. If you really want that Napa Cab, I want to open it for you. You want Zinfandel? I can help you with that too.

Find Sam at République and get started on making your way through the Tuesday Night Wine list. Make a dinner reservation.