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Happy Father’s Day: Our Brioche French Toast Recipe (to make with the kids!)

In anticipation and celebration of Father’s Day, our Executive Chef Eric Bost let us join him at home with his son Ethan to recreate a simplified version of our Brioche French Toast. Great for kids and adults alike.

father's day 2016-21 edited

Chef Eric’s wife Elodie, also the photographer of these images gave us a bit of insight as to why this dish:

“This is a French Toast recipe with an American twist. We used Margarita Manzke’s delicious Brioche instead of a loaf of bread.  Since our son Ethan is half French and half American, I thought that was relevant to the recipe. But the main reason we picked this dish is that Ethan and Eric just love Brioche!”

father's day 2016-3 edited

What you need:
-A nice fresh Brioche
-Seasonal fruits from the Farmer’s Market (We visited the one in Culver City as shown above.)
-For the custard : 8 eggs, 4 cups of heavy cream, 1 1/4 cups of sugar
-For the whipped cream: 1 cup of heavy cream, 2 tablespoons of sugar

father's day 2016-11 edited

What you’ll do:
-Cut thick slices of Brioche
-Cut fruit
-Mix eggs then sugar then heavy cream in one container (always start with the eggs, after the order doesn’t really matter)
-Place one slice of Brioche in a deep plate and cover it with a large amount of custard
-Use an iron cast pan if possible, mid-heat, one table spoon of butter, cook each side until golden brown
-Whisk heavy cream & sugar in a bowl that is cold until cream become butter like
-Place the toast in a plate and add the whipped cream and fruit

father's day 2016-13 edited

Tips and tricks:
With an active four year old, you need to keep it simple. It’s always better to avoid boiling water and oil. Simplify a classic recipe and make sure that your child doesn’t spend more than few minutes on each task. They love mixing, kneading, cutting and cracking eggs. No need to use a super sharp knife to cut the fruit either! We also always prep more than needed in case a redo is necessary. It’s also the best time to talk and educate about numbers, addition, weights and have fun at the same time!

father's day 2016-16 edited

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