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Winemakers Dinners Continue at République with Mark Haisma

Mark Haisma 

Viticulteur De Bourgogne



Burgundy is a crazy place. On the one hand, you have a group of historic Domaines run by nth-generation scions with outrageous

holdings in the best vineyards. Then there are the ‘newer’ Domaines, oft-run by some offshoot of an old Burgundian family, with some rows in the grands terroirs (thanks, Napoleonic inheritance laws!), but who source fruit from other folks as well. Add to this the negociants both big and small, the largest of whom buy fruit from all over the Côte and can in some instances make well over a hundred different wines. Lastly, you have the micro-negociants: small producers who rely on their personal connections to source great fruit, and who make small amounts of painstakingly-crafted and, in some special cases, very delicious wines.

Given the egregious price of land in Burgundy these days, this latter route is the only way into winemaking in the region for someone who a) doesn’t own a multinational corporation or b) hasn’t struck the winemaking jackpot by birth. And of the micro- negociants, Mark Haisma is undoubtedly one of our favorites. Born in Australia, he was for ten years the winemaker at Bailey Carrodus’ iconic (and iconoclastic) Yarra Yerin, where he cut his teeth on Old World-styled Bordeaux and Rhône blends. Burgundy always called, though, and he eventually moved to Gevrey, where he’s lived and made wine since the mid-2000s.

Mark is undeniably an extremely talented winemaker, but a winemaker without grapes doesn’t have much to do. Thankfully, through sheer force of will, an excess of charm and a measure of luck, Mark has managed to secure agreements in some spectacular terroirs. There is Bonnes Mares. A Morey Chaffots. A Nuits Charmotte. A fantastic village Gevrey. Volnay Grands Poisots. And, more recently, he has begun making some cracking Cornas made in the cellars of Vincent Paris. And he doesn’t just buy the fruit – he’s already made a name for himself as an exacting, perfectionist farmer. It’s a very strong range: bright, fresh and possessing that reflectiveness found only in wines made by a hand confident enough to let the wine speak for itself.

In addition to the spectrum of 2014s, Mark is pulling some wines from the library for us, and Chef Walter will be preparing a six- course, Burgundian-inspired menu designed especially for the occasion. Please join us – this will be a great one!

Twelve wines. Six courses. One winemaker.
(not inclusive of tax & service)

Space is extremely limited for this event. To reserve, please contact: